About me

My name is Rolf Tjassens. I live with my wife and two kids in a small village in the north of the Netherlands. I don't own or work in a webdesign company or business... I am just a guy who likes to play with websites.

In my daily life I was a maintenance engineer at a large university hospital. But I started my working career as an elevator technician. I learned a lot in that period, the job must be done with limited resources and as always limited time... I think it made me inventive.

Rolf Tjassens

Making the best out of a worse situation

In the early 2000s I fell ill and unfortunately it turned out to be worse than we all assumed. Due to my illness I became physically limited and I was chronically fatigued. At some point it was no longer possible to work. A few years ago I was also forced to seek new hobbies. By coincidence I was introduced to webdesign and learned that this is fun to do and it well combines with my limitations.

When possible I help people at the CMS Made Simple forum to resolve problems at their websites. In 2010 I was even elected to Community Member of the year.

With my own websites I can be of service to many people too. Because I need a lot of help myself, it is giving me lots of joy to do something back to the community in a way it suits to me now. This way I enjoy every day!!

Some of my quotes are

  • "With a little imagination you can create anything!"
  • "It can't, doesn't exist! Everything is possible, it might cost a bit, but..."
  • "If you do what you are saying, then you're not lying" (Borrowed from the mother of Bartje Bartels :)

About this website

This website, made in CMS Made Simple is my sandbox... A spot where I can play with modules, templates, etc.

Now and then when my health permits I do small paid website jobs, with that I can pay the bills of my hobby and even refund some of my disability benefits.