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CMS Can Be

The purpose of the website CMS can be is to provide tips, tricks and tutorials to make it even easier to work with CMSMS™. With the site I want to share my experience with the CMSMS community, while seriously trying to make money to refund some of my disability benefits.

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Smakelijk Eten Zonder

Roughly translated into English "Erna's ongezouten website, smakelijk eten zonder zout" means "Erna's unsalted website, tasty food without salt". A website with information and recipes for people with a low-sodium diet.

The founder of the website is Erna, a dear friend of mine who unfortunately is deceased.

The graphic design of the website was done by my friend Anne-Mieke Bovelett. She has donated the design to support to the good work of the site.

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The website started out as a hobby collecting everything that has to do with Pneumatic Tube Systems, but it grows into a large online library filled with information and images about the Pneumatic Tube System in the widest sense of the word.

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We Love

This website is created to showcase the beauty and awesomeness of CMS Made Simple™ and the designers who work with it.

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This website is listed here, but isn't my own website though... The website with its sub websites are owned by our local community. But I did create the sites and I am still a member of the group of people who maintain it, so... :)

All my CMSMS plugins and most of my T&T articles have originated in this website.

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